Oz-en-Oisans: a green station for ecotourism!

Oz-en-Oisans (Isère) is part of the Station Verte (green resort) network, France’s first ecotourism accreditation. What are the commitments and criteria for accreditation?

By the sea, in the country, or in the mountains, a Station Verte is a leisure and holiday destination where you can take your time, without crowds. A Station Verte has an authentic heritage and setting with a wide range of activities. France’s number-one leisure destination network with 500 resorts, the Station Verte accreditation is committed.

Station Verte: an ecotourism destination on a human scale
Several criteria must be met to obtain accreditation. Amongst them: the resort must have a population of less than 10,000 and provide at least 200 beds for visitors, including at least 2 types of accommodation: hotel, guest house, youth hostel, campsite, holiday villages, gîtes, etc.

A range of leisure activities and a natural environment
The range of leisure activities must be available permanently and include sports, swimming and leisure facilities: swimming pool or bathing area and walking and cycling trails are obligatory. Station Verte resorts also commit to providing access to nature (river, lakes, mountains, etc.). Local shops and services and flower plantations are also prerequisites.

Finally, the accreditation requires a tourist service, such as a tourist information office. All these criteria make France’s 500 Stations Vertes ideal for ecotourism, on your own, in a couple or with family.