Oz-en-Oisans: a resort for solo travellers, couples or families!

In the Alps at 1,350 metres altitude, Oz-en-Oisans greets mountain lovers in an authentic setting surrounded by fir trees.

A natural breathtaking setting
Great wide open spaces just 45 min from Grenoble! Situated on the Alpe d’Huez ski slopes, the Oz resort has many things to offer. With old-fashioned chalets and small wood and stone buildings, Oz is a traditional environment with a friendly and peaceful atmosphere and a pedestrianised city centre. Purists and lovers of everything authentic will adore it! The bonus: serenity, a friendly atmosphere and abundant mountain vegetation.

Everything you need on the mountain
The Oz resort has several car parks (free and paying) to rid the most urban visitors of car constraints as soon as they arrive! A day nursery so that parents can enjoy their activities: skiing, snowboard, cycling, hiking, etc. with peace of mind while their children play fun educational games. There is a doctor’s surgery, osteopath, or physiotherapist for those little accidents. A vet clinic treats dogs, cats, guinea pigs and other 4-legged friends 6 days per week!

Resort map Click here to download the Oz-en-Oisans map